Spondon British Legion

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Photograph dated: ?1950s
Taken by: AH

Can anyone confirm that this event is a British Legion dinner?

Bill and Olive (nee Borrington)  Franklin are seated 3rd and 4th from the left.  Can anyone name any other people?

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I can offer some more

I can offer some more information about the people in this photograph. There are connections to both sides of my family.

The gentleman and lady in the middle of the front row are Bill and Olive Franklin as stated in the original post. Olive Franklin (nee Bosworth) was my father's cousin. Her husband Bill was in the RAF and was a secretary of the British Legion, so this was almost certainly a British Legion event, perhaps around 1950.

The man standing behind the man identified as George Arthur is Joe Curly who had a Barbershop in Spondon village. He inherited this business from his father-in-law, Harry Abbot.

As stated in the earlier comment, the couple sitting next to the Franklins are Jack and Dorothy Bland (nee Green). Their daughter Jill was a friend of my mother's in her childhood and youth.

My parents are Roger and Jean Borrington (nee Roulinson) who both grew up in Spondon.

I also think the gentleman on

I also think the gentleman on the far right was the reverend Knowles .

The very tall man standing at

The very tall man standing at the back is my dad Joseph Eaglesfield. The man standing sideways on the left is George Arthur. The couple seat to the left seated 1 and 2 are Jack and Dorothy Bland . Hope this is of some help.