Spondon's Red Cross Hospital

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Taken by: JH/DH

Spondon House was requisitioned as an Auxiliary Hospital during the First World War.  The staff of the Derby No. 14 Voluntary Aid Detachment were formed and based at the house and are seen when it was opened as a hospital in November 1914.  Seated left of the Chief Medical Officer is the Commandant, Mrs M Lewty, of Ingle Nook in Sitwell Street.  The only other person definitely identified is Mrs A Wright of Spondon, on the extreme right of the back row.


The document here http://www.spondonhistory.org.uk/archive-document/red-cross/spondons-red-cross-hospital lists all of those and many names will be familiar around the community. If anybody in your family served at the hospital, Derek Hathaway would love to hear from you, especially if you have photographs or memorabilia. He can be contacted via [email protected]



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