Spondon House School

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Photograph dated: 1956

Form 3s, June/July 1956.

William Calladine, Colin Nicholson, Gerald Harcup, Tony Beardsley, John Simpson, Charles Cooper

                                                  Philip Harman                                                       Head, Mr Walton

Miss Davis, Margaret Lloyd, Pat Hurd, Beryl Lacey, Pat Beardsley, Sylvia Wheatley, Joan Davies?, Margaret Perkins, Brenda McFadden, Barbara Bull, Pat Cooper, Sheila Hibbert, Gillian Woolley, Marjorie Simpson

Seated: Sheila Copping, Beryl Oldfield, Peggy Windcup, Joan Rawlinson, Jill Bland, Jean Stevens, Jean Kingsbury, Joan Orme, Janet Eyre, Thelma Clayton

Front row: Stuart Moore, Tony Lewis, Barry Perkins, Victor Swindle, William Barry, Sidney Holt, John Higgins

On the front row of the above

On the front row of the above photograph the third person from the left is actually my late brother Brian Lane.

The boys on the front row are

The boys on the front row are Stuart Moore,Tony Lewis,Brian Lane,Victor Swindell, William Berry,Sidney Holt,John Higgins.