Can you help?

This area of our online archive contains some of the photos that have in some way previously eluded identification. It may be that we're trying to put a name, date or location to a photo or have another question about it.

We're keen to hear from anyone who can help to fill in some of the missing information on these images from the Historical Society archive...

Event gathering at Mission Hall, Stoney Lane

The group appears to be gathered for a special event. Do you know what the event was or recognise anyone in the photo?

Spondon Mothers Union group

The caption below the photo identifies some of the ladies featured in the picture. But can you help us to put names to anyone else in the photograph?

Group outside the old school, c.1935

Some of the people in the photograph have been identified in the caption below it. But can you help by filling in any of the blanks?

Chapel Lane celebration, Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation

Do you know what celebration the decorations in this photo were put up for?